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  • 01. Gain travel discounts & cashbacks

    Travel with our partners to gain access to exclusive deals, discounts, cashbacks and tour packages available only for the nomads of Nomadao.

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    Nomadao's community is global and rapidly growing. Connect with thousands of travelers and entrepreneurs to share experiences, opportunities and memories!

  • 03. Make travel more accesible 

    Participate in promotional campaigns to raise awareness for the revolutionary technology behind Nomadao's booking system. Existing members can bring in new ones and earn various benefits while doing so. 

  • 04. NomadAI

    Get access to NomadAI and utilize its forcasting ability to identify opportunities on the market and capitalize on them. 

  • 05. Nomad Fund

    Join the Nomad Fund and ride along with thousands of Nomads who utilize the fund's collective purchasing power to get the very best deals from hotels and other hospitality service providers. The funds earnings are proportinally shared among the participats, with the expected yield of 2-5% per transaction and capacity of upto 40 transactions per year.;

  • 06. NomadVerse

    Say goodbye to boring 2D pictures when planing your trips. NomadVerse offers a fully immersive 3D experience for viewing hotels' rooms and facilities, whith integrated funcionality for booking, reserving tables and facilities. Nomads can also enjoy additional services that are only available in the virtual alternative of a hotel, such as games, events and virtual tours!

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