A highly sought after Tattoo Artist working out of Walker’s Point Tattoo Company in Milwaukee. Mike travels on the Villain Arts Tattoo Convention Circuit all over the country. 

Mike started his professional tattoo career in Tucson, Arizona with a very traditional apprenticeship learning from tattooers with industry experience for over 30 years.

From there, he relocated back to the Midwest and continued working on his craft. He takes great pride in being a tattooer of tattooers where he has made a name for himself among his fellow artists.

Additionally, Mike has won numerous best of show awards at Tattoo Conventions across the country. To book an appointment with him on the road contact him directly.

Periodically, Mike has been invited to work out of other tattoo shops across the country.

An avid fine artist working with watercolors, acrylics and sign painting. He is available for commissioned artwork and also has a variety of art available for sale.